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           fs_ext2.h  -  EXT2FS (Linux standard) File System Support
    begin                : Mon May 22 2000
    copyright            : (C) 2000 by François Dupoux
    email                : fdupoux@partimage.org

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#ifndef FS_EXT2_H
#define FS_EXT2_H

#include "partimage.h"
#include "fs_base.h"
#include <asm/types.h>

#define LOGICAL_EXT2_BLKSIZE 1024 // 512 // the size of the abstract block used in CFSBase
#define ISEXT3FS (m_info.dwFeatureCompat & EXT3_FEATURE_COMPAT_HAS_JOURNAL)

// ================================================
#define EXT2_SUPER_MAGIC                0xEF53
#define EXT2_BOOTSECT_LEN               1024
#define EXT2_MIN_BLOCK_SIZE         1024
#define     EXT2_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE           4096
#define EXT2_MIN_BLOCK_LOG_SIZE           10

// ================================================


#define EXT3_FEATURE_COMPAT_HAS_JOURNAL         0x0004




// ================================================
struct CInfoExt2Header // size must be 16384 (adjust the reserved data)
  DWORD dwGroupsCount;
  DWORD dwTotalBlocksCount;
  DWORD dwFirstBlock;
  DWORD dwBlockSize;
  DWORD dwLogicalBlocksPerExt2Block;
  DWORD dwBlocksPerGroup;

  DWORD dwFeatureCompat;      // compatible feature set 
  DWORD dwFeatureIncompat;    // incompatible feature set 
  DWORD dwFeatureRoCompat;    // readonly-compatible feature set 

  DWORD dwRevLevel; // Revision level 
  char cUuid[16]; // 128-bit uuid for volume
  DWORD dwDescBlocks;
  DWORD dwDescPerBlock;

  BYTE cReserved[16320]; // Adjust to fit with total header size

// ================================================
class CExt2Part : public CFSBase
  CExt2Part(char *szDevice, FILE *fDeviceFile, QWORD qwPartSize);
  virtual void printfInformations();
  virtual void readBitmap(COptions *options);
  virtual void readSuperBlock();
  virtual void fsck();
  virtual void* getInfos() {return (void*)&m_info;}

  int testRoot(int a, int b);
  bool doesGroupHasSuper(int nGroupDescNb);

  CInfoExt2Header m_info;

// ================================================
// Structure of the super block
struct CExt2Super 
  __u32     s_inodes_count;         // Inodes count
  __u32     s_blocks_count;         // Blocks count
  __u32     s_r_blocks_count; // Reserved blocks count
  __u32     s_free_blocks_count;    // Free blocks count
  __u32     s_free_inodes_count;    // Free inodes count
  __u32     s_first_data_block;     // First Data Block
  __u32     s_log_block_size; // Block size
  __s32     s_log_frag_size;  // Fragment size
  __u32     s_blocks_per_group;     // # Blocks per group
  __u32     s_frags_per_group;      // # Fragments per group
  __u32     s_inodes_per_group;     // # Inodes per group
  __u32     s_mtime;          // Mount time
  __u32     s_wtime;          // Write time
  __u16     s_mnt_count;            // Mount count
  __s16     s_max_mnt_count;  // Maximal mount count 
  __u16     s_magic;          // Magic signature
  __u16     s_state;          // File system state
  __u16     s_errors;         // Behaviour when detecting errors 
  __u16     s_minor_rev_level;      // minor revision level 
  __u32     s_lastcheck;            // time of last check 
  __u32     s_checkinterval;  // max. time between checks 
  __u32     s_creator_os;           // OS 
  __u32     s_rev_level;            // Revision level 
  __u16     s_def_resuid;           // Default uid for reserved blocks 
  __u16     s_def_resgid;           // Default gid for reserved blocks 
   * These fields are for EXT2_DYNAMIC_REV superblocks only.
   * Note: the difference between the compatible feature set and
   * the incompatible feature set is that if there is a bit set
   * in the incompatible feature set that the kernel doesn't
   * know about, it should refuse to mount the filesystem.
   * e2fsck's requirements are more strict; if it doesn't know
   * about a feature in either the compatible or incompatible
   * feature set, it must abort and not try to meddle with
   * things it doesn't understand...
  __u32     s_first_ino;            /* First non-reserved inode */
  __u16 s_inode_size;         /* size of inode structure */
  __u16     s_block_group_nr;       /* block group # of this superblock */
  __u32     s_feature_compat;       /* compatible feature set */
  __u32     s_feature_incompat;     /* incompatible feature set */
  __u32     s_feature_ro_compat;    /* readonly-compatible feature set */
  __u8      s_uuid[16];       /* 128-bit uuid for volume */
  char      s_volume_name[16];      /* volume name */
  char      s_last_mounted[64];     /* directory where last mounted */
  __u32     s_algorithm_usage_bitmap; /* For compression */
   * Performance hints.  Directory preallocation should only
   * happen if the EXT2_COMPAT_PREALLOC flag is on.
  __u8      s_prealloc_blocks;      /* Nr of blocks to try to preallocate*/
  __u8      s_prealloc_dir_blocks;  /* Nr to preallocate for dirs */
  __u16     s_padding1;
  __u32     s_reserved[204];  /* Padding to the end of the block */

// ================================================
// Structure of a blocks group descriptor
struct CExt2GroupDesc
  __u32     bg_block_bitmap;  // Blocks bitmap block 
  __u32     bg_inode_bitmap;  // Inodes bitmap block 
  __u32     bg_inode_table;         // Inodes table block 
  __u16     bg_free_blocks_count;   // Free blocks count 
  __u16     bg_free_inodes_count;   // Free inodes count
  __u16     bg_used_dirs_count;     // Directories count 
  __u16     bg_pad;
  __u32     bg_reserved[3];

#endif // FS_EXT2_H

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