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                          cxfspart.h  -  description
    begin                : Thu Jul 13 2000
    copyright            : (C) 2000 by François Dupoux
    email                : fdupoux@partimage.org

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#ifndef FS_XFS_H
#define FS_XFS_H

#include <ctype.h>

#include "partimage.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "cbitmap.h"

#include "fs_base.h"

struct CImage;
struct CVolumeHeader;
struct CMainTail;
struct CMainHeader;
struct COptions;
class CSavingWindow;
class CRestoringWindow;

#define MAX_XFSBLOCKSIZE 65536

// ================================================
// do we need conversion? 
#define ARCH_CONVERT   0

// swapping macros
#define swab16(x) \
        ((unsigned short)( \
                (((unsigned short)(x) & (unsigned short)0x00ffU) << 8) | \
                (((unsigned short)(x) & (unsigned short)0xff00U) >> 8) ))

#define swab32(x) \
        ((unsigned int)( \
                (((unsigned int)(x) & (unsigned int)0x000000ffUL) << 24) | \
                (((unsigned int)(x) & (unsigned int)0x0000ff00UL) <<  8) | \
                (((unsigned int)(x) & (unsigned int)0x00ff0000UL) >>  8) | \
                (((unsigned int)(x) & (unsigned int)0xff000000UL) >> 24) ))
#define swab64(x) \
        ((unsigned long long)( \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x00000000000000ffULL) << 56) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x000000000000ff00ULL) << 40) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x0000000000ff0000ULL) << 24) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x00000000ff000000ULL) <<  8) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x000000ff00000000ULL) >>  8) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x0000ff0000000000ULL) >> 24) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0x00ff000000000000ULL) >> 40) | \
                (unsigned long long)(((unsigned long long)(x) & (unsigned long long)0xff00000000000000ULL) >> 56) )) 

#define INT_SWAP(type, var) \
    ((sizeof(type) == 8) ? swab64(var) : \
    ((sizeof(type) == 4) ? swab32(var) : \
    ((sizeof(type) == 2) ? swab16(var) : \

#define INT_GET(reference,arch) \
    (((arch) == ARCH_NOCONVERT) \
        ? \
            (reference) \
        : \
            INT_SWAP((reference),(reference)) \
// ================================================

#define XFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x58465342

  typedef enum {
} xfs_btnum_t;

#define BBSIZE 512
#define     XFS_BTNUM_BNO     ((xfs_btnum_t)XFS_BTNUM_BNOi)
#define     XFS_BTNUM_CNT     ((xfs_btnum_t)XFS_BTNUM_CNTi)
#define     XFS_BTNUM_BMAP    ((xfs_btnum_t)XFS_BTNUM_BMAPi)
#define     XFS_BTNUM_INO     ((xfs_btnum_t)XFS_BTNUM_INOi)

#define     XFS_SB_MAGIC            0x58465342  // 'XFSB'
typedef signed char     __int8_t;
typedef unsigned char   __uint8_t;
typedef signed short int      __int16_t;
typedef unsigned short int    __uint16_t;
typedef signed int      __int32_t;
typedef unsigned int    __uint32_t;
#ifdef __ia64__
typedef signed long int __int64_t;
typedef unsigned long int     __uint64_t;
#elif __alpha__
typedef signed long int    __int64_t;
typedef unsigned long int  __uint64_t;
typedef signed long long int    __int64_t;
typedef unsigned long long int  __uint64_t;

// POSIX Extensions
typedef unsigned char   uchar_t;
typedef unsigned short  ushort_t;
typedef unsigned int    uint_t;
typedef unsigned long   ulong_t;

typedef enum { B_FALSE, B_TRUE } boolean_t;

typedef __uint32_t      xfs_agblock_t;    // blockno in alloc. group 
typedef     __uint32_t  xfs_extlen_t;     // extent length in blocks 
typedef     __uint32_t  xfs_agnumber_t;   // allocation group number 
typedef __int32_t xfs_extnum_t;     // # of extents in a file 
typedef __int16_t xfs_aextnum_t;    // # extents in an attribute fork 
typedef     __int64_t   xfs_fsize_t;      // bytes in a file 
typedef __uint64_t      xfs_ufsize_t;     // unsigned bytes in a file 

typedef     __int32_t   xfs_suminfo_t;    // type of bitmap summary info 
typedef     __int32_t   xfs_rtword_t;     // word type for bitmap manipulations 

typedef     __int64_t   xfs_lsn_t;  // log sequence number 
typedef     __int32_t   xfs_tid_t;  // transaction identifier 

typedef     __uint32_t  xfs_dablk_t;      // dir/attr block number (in file) 
typedef     __uint32_t  xfs_dahash_t;     // dir/attr hash value 

typedef __uint16_t      xfs_prid_t; // prid_t truncated to 16bits in XFS 

typedef struct 
  unsigned char   __u_bits[16];
} uuid_t;

// These types are 64 bits on disk but are either 32 or 64 bits in memory.
// Disk based types:
typedef __uint64_t      xfs_dfsbno_t;     // blockno in filesystem (agno|agbno) 
typedef __uint64_t      xfs_drfsbno_t;    // blockno in filesystem (raw) 
typedef     __uint64_t  xfs_drtbno_t;     // extent (block) in realtime area 
typedef     __uint64_t  xfs_dfiloff_t;    // block number in a file 
typedef     __uint64_t  xfs_dfilblks_t;   // number of blocks in a file 

#ifdef __ia64__
typedef unsigned long  __u64; 
typedef signed long    __s64; 
#elif __alpha__
typedef unsigned long  __u64; 
typedef signed long    __s64; 
typedef unsigned long long  __u64; 
typedef signed long long    __s64; 

typedef __u64     xfs_off_t;
//typedef __s32   xfs32_off_t;
typedef __u64     xfs_ino_t;  // <inode> type 
typedef __s64     xfs_daddr_t;      // <disk address> type 
typedef char *    xfs_caddr_t;      // <core address> type 
typedef off_t     linux_off_t;
//typedef __kernel_ino_t      linux_ino_t;
typedef __uint32_t      xfs_dev_t;

#define XFS_AGF_DADDR           (1)
#define     XFS_AGFL_DADDR          (3)

#define     XFS_AGFL_SIZE           (BBSIZE / sizeof(xfs_agblock_t))

struct xfs_agfl
      xfs_agblock_t     agfl_bno[XFS_AGFL_SIZE];

struct xfs_superblock
  DWORD     sb_magicnum;      // magic number == XFS_SB_MAGIC 
  DWORD     sb_blocksize;     // logical block size, bytes 
  xfs_drfsbno_t   sb_dblocks; // number of data blocks 
  xfs_drfsbno_t   sb_rblocks; // number of realtime blocks 
  xfs_drtbno_t    sb_rextents;      // number of realtime extents 
  uuid_t          sb_uuid;    // file system unique id 
  xfs_dfsbno_t    sb_logstart;      // starting block of log if internal 
  xfs_ino_t sb_rootino; // root inode number 
  xfs_ino_t sb_rbmino;  // bitmap inode for realtime extents 

  xfs_ino_t sb_rsumino; // summary inode for rt bitmap 

  xfs_agblock_t   sb_rextsize;      // realtime extent size, blocks 

  xfs_agblock_t   sb_agblocks;      // size of an allocation group 
  xfs_agnumber_t  sb_agcount; // number of allocation groups 
  xfs_extlen_t    sb_rbmblocks;     // number of rt bitmap blocks 

  xfs_extlen_t    sb_logblocks;     // number of log blocks 
  WORD      sb_versionnum;    // header version == XFS_SB_VERSION 
  WORD      sb_sectsize;      // volume sector size, bytes 
  WORD      sb_inodesize;     // inode size, bytes 
  WORD      sb_inopblock;     // inodes per block 
  char            sb_fname[12];     // file system name 
  BYTE      sb_blocklog;      // log2 of sb_blocksize 
  BYTE      sb_sectlog; // log2 of sb_sectsize 
  BYTE      sb_inodelog;      // log2 of sb_inodesize 
  BYTE      sb_inopblog;      // log2 of sb_inopblock 
  BYTE      sb_agblklog;      // log2 of sb_agblocks (rounded up) 
  BYTE      sb_rextslog;      // log2 of sb_rextents 
  BYTE      sb_inprogress;    // mkfs is in progress, don't mount 
  BYTE      sb_imax_pct;      // max % of fs for inode space 
  // statistics 
  // These fields must remain contiguous.  If you really
  // want to change their layout, make sure you fix the
  // code in xfs_trans_apply_sb_deltas().
  QWORD     sb_icount;  // allocated inodes 
  QWORD     sb_ifree;   // free inodes 
  QWORD     sb_fdblocks;      // free data blocks 
  QWORD     sb_frextents;     // free realtime extents 

  // End contiguous fields.
  xfs_ino_t sb_uquotino;      // user quota inode 
  xfs_ino_t sb_gquotino;      // group quota inode 
  WORD      sb_qflags;  // quota flags 
  BYTE      sb_flags;   // misc. flags 
  BYTE      sb_shared_vn;     // shared version number 
  xfs_extlen_t    sb_inoalignmt;    // inode chunk alignment, fsblocks 
  DWORD     sb_unit;    // stripe or raid unit 
  DWORD     sb_width;   // stripe or raid width       
  BYTE      sb_dirblklog;     // log2 of dir block size (fsbs) 
  BYTE       sb_dummy[7];    // padding 

 // Short form header: space allocation btrees.

// =============== xfs_alloc_btree.h ==========================

 * There are two on-disk btrees, one sorted by blockno and one sorted
 * by blockcount and blockno.  All blocks look the same to make the code
 * simpler; if we have time later, we'll make the optimizations.
#define     XFS_ABTB_MAGIC    0x41425442  // 'ABTB' for bno tree 
#define     XFS_ABTC_MAGIC    0x41425443  // 'ABTC' for cnt tree 

// =============== xfs_btree.h ==========================
// Short form header: space allocation btrees.

#define     NULLAGBLOCK ((xfs_agblock_t)-1)

struct xfs_btree_sblock
  __uint32_t      bb_magic;   // magic number for block type 
  __uint16_t      bb_level;   // 0 is a leaf 
  __uint16_t      bb_numrecs; // current # of data records 
  xfs_agblock_t   bb_leftsib; // left sibling block or NULLAGBLOCK 
  xfs_agblock_t   bb_rightsib;      // right sibling block or NULLAGBLOCK 
typedef xfs_btree_sblock xfs_alloc_block;

// Long form header: bmap btrees.
// Combined header and structure, used by common code.
typedef struct xfs_btree_hdr
  __uint32_t      bb_magic;   // magic number for block type 
  __uint16_t      bb_level;   // 0 is a leaf 
  __uint16_t      bb_numrecs; // current # of data records 
} xfs_btree_hdr_t;

typedef struct xfs_btree_block
  xfs_btree_hdr_t bb_h;       // header 
      xfs_agblock_t     bb_leftsib;
      xfs_agblock_t     bb_rightsib;
    }s;           // short form pointers
      xfs_dfsbno_t      bb_leftsib;
      xfs_dfsbno_t      bb_rightsib;
    } l;          // long form pointers 
  }bb_u;          // rest 
} xfs_btree_block_t;

typedef xfs_agblock_t xfs_alloc_ptr;      // btree pointer type 

struct xfs_alloc_rec
      xfs_agblock_t     ar_startblock;    // starting block number 
      xfs_extlen_t      ar_blockcount;    // count of free blocks 
};// xfs_alloc_rec_t, xfs_alloc_key_t;
typedef xfs_alloc_rec xfs_alloc_key;

// There are two on-disk btrees, one sorted by blockno and one sorted
// by blockcount and blockno.  All blocks look the same to make the code
// simpler; if we have time later, we'll make the optimizations.
#define     XFS_ABTB_MAGIC    0x41425442  // 'ABTB' for bno tree 
#define     XFS_ABTC_MAGIC    0x41425443  // 'ABTC' for cnt tree 

// =============== xfs_ag.h =================================

#define     XFS_AGF_MAGIC     0x58414746  /* 'XAGF' */
#define     XFS_AGI_MAGIC     0x58414749  // 'XAGI'
#define     XFS_AGF_VERSION   1
#define     XFS_AGI_VERSION   1

// Btree number 0 is bno, 1 is cnt.  This value gives the size of the
// arrays below.
#define     XFS_BTNUM_AGF     ((int)XFS_BTNUM_CNTi + 1)

// The second word of agf_levels in the first a.g. overlaps the EFS
// superblock's magic number.  Since the magic numbers valid for EFS
// are > 64k, our value cannot be confused for an EFS superblock's.
struct xfs_agf
  // Common allocation group header information
  __uint32_t      agf_magicnum;     // magic number == XFS_AGF_MAGIC 
  __uint32_t      agf_versionnum;   // header version == XFS_AGF_VERSION 
  xfs_agnumber_t  agf_seqno;  // sequence # starting from 0 
  xfs_agblock_t   agf_length; // size in blocks of a.g. 

  // Freespace information
  xfs_agblock_t   agf_roots[XFS_BTNUM_AGF];     // root blocks 
  __uint32_t      agf_spare0; // spare field 
  __uint32_t      agf_levels[XFS_BTNUM_AGF];    // btree levels 
  __uint32_t      agf_spare1; // spare field 
  __uint32_t      agf_flfirst;      // first freelist block's index 
  __uint32_t      agf_fllast; // last freelist block's index 
  __uint32_t      agf_flcount;      // count of blocks in freelist 
  xfs_extlen_t    agf_freeblks;     // total free blocks 
  xfs_extlen_t    agf_longest;      // longest free space 

#define     XFS_AGF_MAGICNUM  0x00000001
#define     XFS_AGF_VERSIONNUM      0x00000002
#define     XFS_AGF_SEQNO           0x00000004
#define     XFS_AGF_LENGTH          0x00000008
#define     XFS_AGF_ROOTS           0x00000010
#define     XFS_AGF_LEVELS          0x00000020
#define     XFS_AGF_FLFIRST         0x00000040
#define     XFS_AGF_FLLAST          0x00000080
#define     XFS_AGF_FLCOUNT         0x00000100
#define     XFS_AGF_FREEBLKS  0x00000200
#define     XFS_AGF_LONGEST         0x00000400
#define     XFS_AGF_NUM_BITS  11
#define     XFS_AGF_ALL_BITS  ((1 << XFS_AGF_NUM_BITS) - 1)

// disk block (xfs_daddr_t) in the AG 
//#define   XFS_AGF_DADDR           ((xfs_daddr_t)1)
xfs_agblock_t xfs_agf_block(struct xfs_mount *mp);
#define     XFS_AGF_BLOCK(mp) xfs_agf_block(mp)

// ================================================
#define     XFS_BMAP_MAGIC    0x424d4150  // 'BMAP'

// ================================================
struct CInfoXfsHeader // size must be 16384 (adjust the reserved data)
  DWORD dwAgCount;
  DWORD dwAgBlocksCount;
  DWORD dwReserved;
  BYTE cReserved[16372]; // Adjust to fit with total header size

// ================================================
class CXfsPart: public CFSBase
  CXfsPart(char *szDevice, FILE *fDeviceFile, QWORD qwPartSize);
  virtual void printfInformations();
  virtual void readBitmap(COptions *options);
  virtual void readSuperBlock();
  virtual void fsck();
  virtual void* getInfos() {return (void*)&m_info;}
  void scanFreelist(xfs_agf *agf);
  void scanSbtree(xfs_agf *agf, DWORD dwRoot, DWORD dwLevels); 
  void scanfuncBno(char *cBlockData, DWORD dwLevel, xfs_agf *agf);
  void addToHist(DWORD dwAgNo, DWORD dwAgBlockNo, QWORD qwLen);

  QWORD convertAgbToDaddr(DWORD dwAgNo, DWORD dwAgBlockNo);
  QWORD convertAgToDaddr(DWORD dwAgNo, DWORD dwOffset);

  CInfoXfsHeader m_info;

#endif // FS_XFS_H

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